Breba Crop Figs Dropping in Seattle

Breba Crop Figs Dropping in Seattle

What's going on?

Its early June in Seattle, and I'm hearing the same issues with breba crops dropping most of its crops. Here our famous Desert King and Italian Honey aka Latturala breba crops are known to be reliable. It has never done this massive breba crop drop ever. However, only a few breba crops varieties are holding on. I'm not too worried about Italian Honey because the main crop (second crop) will be just fine. It's just variety that we depend 100% its productive huge breba crop is not dependable this summer.

If its Desert king or Grantham Royal which are san predo variety meaning only the breba ( first crop ) will ripen without wasp and the main crop requires wasp to ripen. We in Seattle know not the expect the main crop of san predo varieties to ripen.On the other hand, we expect the main crop to drop due ot lack of wasp.

I have local friends who only grow Desert Kings, they have many mature reliable trees so they dont grow much of any other fig varieties. I will check in with them to see how their Desert king crops are doing. Like most of us, I think the drop is do to the sensativity of breba crop to certain temperatures, this spring is rather colder than usual and the breba may develope but didn't hold they drop about the size of 50 cent. It's quite depressing to see this happening but others who shuffle their potted san pedro figs can keep their breba crop save by waiting until evening temperatures are above 50 degrees before bringing outside.

This doesn't happen becuase most Desert King figs are planted in ground here. Well, unless other states that grow this variety are colder than zone 7 may bring their figs indoor winters. The desert king figs is so productive that even hundreds of the fruitlets drop I'm sure there are some fruits to eat.

Comment below if are in the PNW and have the same issue with this years crop.