Disrupting the system for those with nefarious intention | Mengganggu rasuah

When you speak of the truth, the only ones offended and hurt are the ones committing fraud. They are quick to get on the defensive and silence or ban he who speaks.

Disrupting the system for those with nefarious intention | Mengganggu rasuah

I don't intentionally mean to butt hurt fig collectors, sellers or friends. Unfortunately, I unintentionally butt hurt many with either my writeups, findings, facts and even opinions. That said, if you want to stay blind to the truth, I suggest you keep your eyes closed.

I recently released a blog in which two varieties, Flanders and KTJ (Kafe Te Jiate) were profoundly found to be identical, pretty much the same as one another. You can read this article here (Don't forget to like, comment and share it). It seems to have been well accepted within the community and why wouldn't it, the proof is right in front of your eyes. But as all things that have potential in triggering someone, that article disappoint.

Welcome to the corrupt world of "The Fig Game". Most of the time someone gets triggered is usually because something is not beneficial to them. In this case, putting this article out there has had such a profound impact to those so-called "scientists" and sellers of the infamous "KTJ" variety. So much so an unknown character decided to post about the practices of Fig Database. What did Fig Database do so bad and so devastating to get its brand slandered all over facebook you may ask? Well, it released the honest truth. Lets jump straight into it and show you this characters post.

Sure Fig Database has no professional experience in doing any sort of scientific work with any type of plants. Neither does it claim to do so. Fig Database also has not gone and traveled the world to find any figs. It doesn't have a special group either to sit around a table, smoke cigarettes, drink tea and coffee, chat about the "new finds" and agree on how to raise the prices to scam any newbie or unsuspecting fig collector out there. This is not what Fig Database does or has interest in.

Time and time again Fig Database has said that the Database was created to facilitate, help fig collectors and members of the community get quick and reliable information on fig varieties such as who brought it to light, where it came from, when was it first mentioned and give this same community the features and abilities to enter their own images, comments, experiences, ratings and even a personal catalog to track their entire collection free of any cost.

The way Fig Database provides this information is simple. The internet is huge! It is there to grab and use. We condense it and post it on the database thru research found online, period. PDF files, links to third party websites, forums, collections plus what members of the community submit. With proof coming directly from the community (which is what matters most), decisions are made to put that information onto the database and this in return is provided to the members who research thru the database. Which helps them make a more educated decision of whether they should acquire such varietie/s for their collection and or if it has potential in their climate, area or zone according to the information provided. In the long run, IF IT IS EVEN WORTH IT OR IF THEY CAN ACQUIRE ANOTHER VARIETY SIMILAR TO IT WITHOUT PAYING A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT!

Now that we've explained a little bit (there is much more that goes into it) about how it works, lets get back onto those who get butt hurt. Why is this character is so upset? As part of a larger group of friend he belongs to, he may feel the need to protect those sellers, fig variety re-namers who need to make money from people in the U.S. If you post something (facts) about a variety they re-named and people in America don't buy it any more, you disrupt their real income. Remember, you are buying with the dollar, not Malaysian Ringgit (Malaysian currency). And by disrupting and exposing their corruption and or evil intentions to honest people, they will scatter like roaches to silence and even ban you for speaking out!

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen. They will try to silence you and even ban you from groups such as one called "Fig Addiction". A once very nice and enjoyable group when Ben used to manage it. Once the group was handed over to Ryan B D'Souza, it has since gone to complete trash and I'm not the only one saying it. For example the post created by the character posted above, anyone replying against it was immediately silenced, comments removed and many members banned. Here are some of the comments which I and others posted and were immediately removed.

Needless to say that no matter what these characters say, Fig Database will always post the information found online, by those who matter which is the fig community, not what these round table smokers and drinkers say just to make a buck out of unsuspecting newbies and uninformed collectors. If it looks like a duck and shits like a duck, IT'S A DUCK!

Consider this part one of this blog as the next one will go even deeper into the corruption, lie and dishonesty from these sellers including the other side of Ryan B D'Souza and his business practices.

Happy figging everyone.....