Fig Tree Recovery From Animal Damage

Fig Tree Recovery From Animal Damage

Back in January, I had shared about what happened to my trees. One of the worst damage was done to my Maltese Beauty fig tree. It was a mature tree well-branched. I was looking forward to eating fruits from it this summer. 

Animals known to strip bark trees

  • Mice
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels

Suspect: Mice

All the damaged branches and the trunk was removed near the soil line.

Right after, we caught the culprit. It was a huge rat! I didn't call it mice because mice are smaller like 3-5 inches long. This rat was 12 to 16 inches long. I was genuinely scared. It not like we can catch to release. To where? To neighbor's house? After that day we no longer saw any animal damage to our other trees. Let's make it a lesson. We should have been more prepared and not assume. The animals see our fenced yard and go elsewhere to eat. 

As I said before I really don't use wound sealers, but my husband did. Now in late May, the tree has finally budded out. At this point, as long as I still have a tree alive I'm just happy. Unlike my other figs that will never come back. This year's expensive varieties that didn't make it were Craven Cravens, Golden Rainbow, and Raspberry Latte. 

Photos of how the Maltese Beauty was before the animal damage and now with a small green leaf makes me happy to know we saved it! 

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I know some figs friends whose trees were damaged by rabbits. Rabbits are cute when you see them eat other people's flowers and plants. Not so cute when they eat your fig trees. My local friend, her Golden Rainbow was eaten to death by these cute but hungry rabbits. And Golden Rainbow is expensive! I think she told me she saw a small bud so we shall see what happens. Another friend in Everett, WA. All his trees were eaten, so he will be to digging all his trees up and grow them in pots. Since the low chicken wire didn't stop them from climbing up and reaching the trees. I know deers do the worst damage to trees. What are some of your effective ways to prevent animal damage to your fig trees?

October 6, 2021

Fall, my tree has grown a very strong branch due to it mature roots. I'm so thankful this tree is going to make it. I will be covering the soil up and over the injury and by next summer i should have plenty of roots at the heavily scarred trunk.