For Newbies: Bare Root Fig Trees

Bare root means the plant has been generally one year old or older. It is not a plant that is a few months old recently rooted.

For Newbies: Bare Root Fig Trees

Bare root doesn’t include the pot and all the extra soil. The season to get bare root trees is now. In April, when fig trees are awake they will be ship with their pots. I think bare root shipping will be less stressful on a plant. Since they are dormant they handle different climates easier. For example, in Spring when you receive a new leaf out plant it can get a sunburn if you forget to move it slowly into the partial sun then slowly to full sun. The fig tree spent a few days in the box with no sunlight and suddenly exposed to full sun, it will show that it doesn’t like it. They may be newly rooted plants grown in a greenhouse.

Bare root means the plant has been generally one year old or older. It is not a plant that is a few months old recently rooted. You can get larger and older plants without paying too much. Spring and Summer shipping is just more money for the excess soil weight. Bare root shipping is generally cheaper than Spring-Summer shipping costs. Shipping is generally less since it should be less weight with less soil. Some things that go into shipping costs include boxes, tapes, other shipping supplies. And, to secure it I use bamboo sticks cut to size. As a buyer, I received a couple of trees that were broken because it was held in place by foam and the bamboo stick does a better job than foam. Here are some of the box shapes and sizes, that work best for shipping.

Here is right after I remove the excess soil

Here is after I have wrapped the roots to prevent soil from flying everywhere. And, securing it in place with a bamboo stick.

Something I learn as I ship live rooted plants, as a home fig grower, I’m unable to ship to the state of California and Hawaii. They have very strict regulations, regarding live plants with roots and soil. A friend, who is licensed and has a nursery, located in California and he writes OK to inspect outside of the box and can ship bare roots to people in the state of California. As person sending plants, we should know what are other states regulations to avoid issues. Fig cuttings (without roots and soil) can be ship to any state including California and Hawaii.

You can order on
Dual-Use Priority Mail/Priority Mail Express Small Tube - 1098S dimensions: 25″ x 6″ x 6″ x 5-7/8″

Dual-Use Priority Mail / Priority Mail Express Medium Tube - 1098 dimensions: 37-11/16″ x 6-1/8″ x 5-1/8″ x 5-1/16″)

Priority Mail Shoe Box - OSHOEBOX dimensions: 7 1/2" x 5 1/8" x 14 3/8"

My bamboo sticks were ordered online you can search on eBay or many used from your local offer up or Craiglist.

Here is my video on youtube about it.