Introducing: Tree Snatch™ | The New Marketplace For Growers

The idea was simple – create an affordable Marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

Introducing: Tree Snatch™ | The New Marketplace For Growers

What is a marketplace for growers if we can't enjoy buying and selling as a community?

Ladies and gentlemen, today we come to you to share the newest marketplace platform created for all growers. Growers with a passion to sell their beautiful plants and for growers with a passion to buy and grow their collection. This new platform is Tree Snatch™ , whether you're a student, business, grandma or grow veggies and fruit trees for fun, Tree Snatch™ is for you!

Tree Snatch™ is designed to offer you many of the features being requested by many growers in the community. Many of you have requested a user friendly platform, better tracking of your sales and purchases, editing individual or multiple items, a tracking number system that a seller can manage and update its customers by means of an email to the buyer, a fully manageable invoicing system to control the discounts, shipping and much more....

But one of the best things is costs. At Tree Snatch™, we don't play the BS game to make us rich from the hard work sellers put into growing. As a matter of fact, a listing is only 25 cents and you can list as many as you want. On the other hand, opening up a professional, branded store can cost you less than a latte a month! All store have special features that only a store owner can see and manage from adding your very own brand (logo), your very own policies and more.

Store curtesy of Seattle Figs

Sellers in general can offer discounts and vouchers for their customers, combine items with discounted shipping, give multiple shipping options for your buyers and even pickup payment options. But in order to get a full view and first-hand experience to these features mentioned and the many more we missed, you have to join to get the full on experience of what a great platform Tree Snatch™ truly is.

We are actively working on making it better, improving it one day at a time. We even moved this entire platform to a safe VPS server to be ready for just about anything. Keep in mind, this is not your typical BS auction site, it is "The Platform".