It's Fig Cutting Season! And These Are Fig Database's 2022 Most Trusted Sellers!

When on the hunt for fig cuttings, these are the undisputed sellers for 2022!

It's Fig Cutting Season! And These Are Fig Database's 2022 Most Trusted Sellers!

Congratulations on being so patient throughout the year. For an entire year, you have been waiting for this season to come back around and finally have the opportunity to add those very special fig varieties you've been eying all last year. Now that cutting season is here, you are on the hunt to get it or them and enjoy rooting them to finally enjoy those delicious figs we so desire.

Where do you start or find a good source for fig cuttings you may ask. Well it is true that there are many good people out there who you can buy cuttings from. However, to get fig cuttings from extremely reliable, honest and someone or a business with an exceptional reputation is rare. This is where these very well known names and resources come from. Profig and Figaholics are our picks for 2022's most trusted sources.

Profig is owned and operated by the Melton family. Brian Melton, in Fresno, has about 400 varieties on his property. Many of you know Brian Melton as he is a very active member and a huge contributor to the fig community, specially on his facebook group California Figs Group. When I first started, I never even approached Brian because of how popular he was in the fig game. Fortunately with time, I got to speak with him and realised why he was so popular. Brian's focus is not only to collect fig varieties. His passion extends much further than that in that he is also a true fig hunter and very passionate about figs in general. To Brian, giving back and helping newbies is priority. It is no wonder his reputation has gotten him where he is and why so many look up to him for advice, recommendations and quality fig varieties and service.

As soon as Profig was launched, Brian got right into work! Now providing the fig community with not just fig cuttings and plants but an entire line of gourmet fig products from spices, fig jams, chili sauces, balsamics and much more. Brian just keeps on pumping out new products for all of us fig addicts who need more than just figs and who love to flavor our foods with as many fig products as we could possinbly find. One thing for sure is that buying from ProFig is super safe and you should not worry or have any concerns when purchasing from them, as it should be.

Figaholics is owned by the notorious B.I.G. Just kidding but sure is owned by the biggest fig cuttings seller in the fig community. Harvey Correia, of Correia Farms in Rio Vista California has a collection of figs that represent well over 300 distinct varieties, some of which have been cultivated and loved for thousands of years. I have had less than minimal interactions with Harvey but just while researching, I have noted how much he has contributed to the fig community going back many years. Harvey has been around longer than many of us and has always been a trustworthy member. Experience and knowledge he has shared has helped verify many varieties.

Get ready and have your list of desired fig cuttings ready if you plan on purchasing from Harvey on his Figaholics website because as soon as he makes it live, you literally have but just a few minutes to make your purchase before those higher sought after varieties are gone! Thousands rush on the day Harvey makes the site live because of the amount of trust people have on his service and quality of fig cuttings. I'm not 100% sure when exactly he will be having the cuttings available for purchase but it's usually early to mid January. So it should be coming up pretty soon. Follow Harvey for the announcement.

Update: Harvey made a new video and gave an estimate as to when he was going to probably start his sales.