Potted Figs With Shuffling/ Greenhouse Recommendations for Seattle, WA

Potted Figs With Shuffling/ Greenhouse Recommendations for Seattle, WA

It's the end of September, some of the leaves of my fig are turning yellow and some have completely dropped all their leaves. We still have until early November when our first frost date comes. Some have gone dormant earlier than others. I just let my trees do its thing, I don't plan to take any of my trees inside my greenhouse. They will remain potted and outdoors.

This is will be my fourth winter, I'm still waiting for a couple of fig varieties to ripen but they are considered as late-ripening varieties for Seattle, WA. I used to refer to Pacific Northwest but now that I see a difference in Oregon ripening time compared to Seattle, WA we are not the same. We are not as warm as Oregon, so we are cooler in comparison. Even in parts of Washington State, some are warmer due to microclimate and other parts cooler. So i like to be more precise in the city so PNW folks don't get confused why a variety works well for Oregon or certain parts of Washington doesn't work well for them even when they are in Washington State. 

These fig varieties are recommended potted and does need greenhouse shuffling to ripen properly. If you don't plan on shuffling figs then its best to not collect these varieties. If you ripen it properly you will have a unripe untasty fig due to the requirement of the fig to ripen its not becuase the fig is not excellent. Often if a fig is ripen properly than you accurately critic the variety. If not then, you will be dissapointed in a unripe fig. 

Potted and needs shuffling to ripen properly:

Smith: main crop in September

Paradiso Bronze Fig: main crop in September

Syrian Byadi : main crop in september

White Adriatic : breba August and main crop in September

LSU Scott's Black: main crop in September

Black Mission: light breba crop and main crop ripens in October (this variety if planted in the ground the main crop will not ripen before frost comes)