Remember Me? The Real Faces Of Fig Scammers

To this list, lets add a member of the community who doesn't "scam" per se when selling but is dishonest and manipulates/blackmails sellers when bidding and purchasing online.

Remember Me? The Real Faces Of Fig Scammers

It is no surprise that scam artists exist all over the world ever since money was created.

From the ebay scammers of today to the fig collectors looking for freebies by any means necessary!

I've only been in the fig hobby for about 2 years and a couple of months and in my short period, I feel I have almost seen it all. Quite frankly, I hope I see no more. Unfortunately, I may be around for a while so more I will see and I am not bound to stay silent.

There are many, many good fig people in the community. Much more than there is scammers and dishonest sellers/businesses. So, for some time, people have tried to warn others as to not fall for these scammers and con-artists. To help them avoid the same mistake they made. This is why on December of 2017, Brian Melton created a thread on OurFigs titled "Current EBay Scammers.. List". This list has gotten much needed attention and has helped many, probably thousands of people make wise decisions before purchasing fig cuttings or fig plants from eBay.

Unfortunately, this is mostly intended to help out and make those who buy from ebay a bit more aware of the dangers of buying from such places. But this list has intrigued others to follow suit and create their own list to further extend the benefits of putting scammers and or dishonest sellers/businesses out there in an effort to warn others of even more scammers found in other places on the net. So on December of 2020, Dave Serricchio, creator of the facebook fig group "What The Fig" created his own list "Fig Scammers List on Facebook" in which he states:

"Sad that it has come to this but you have to do what you have to do I’ll add known scammers to this list as we find out who they are after lots of investigation we don’t want to wrongly accuse someone when it could be a misunderstanding Once someone is added to the list they will be banned from the group for life"

Like Dave said, "It is sad" but it must be done! I am happy to add and combine all of these names, from both of these lists, and also add more and update it as necessary. I also will be adding from experiences thru the Database and as a collector.

So lets create the list, shall we?

Let us start off with the eBay list Brian started:

  • 77Peony
  • pots-more
  • korina77-2008
  • dausername1
  • garden951
  • robrod815
  • vasyus4
  • vasyl_svet
  • radyslava
  • korina-2009
  • growgr.55
  • bernard*sweety
  • 200rarefigtrees

To this list, lets add a member of the community who doesn't "scam" per se when selling but is dishonest and manipulates/blackmails sellers when bidding and purchasing online. This user goes by the username of "figs and tropicals". This members wins the "slick technique" award  when it comes to playing sellers online. If lying is the way to go, she wins the case. Maybe I should share the emails and PM's I got from others who have said what she has done to them (similar to how she tried to blackmail me). Here is a beautiful post she did on me and yes, FigBid took her side and closed my account. But that's another, soon to come story.

Now lets add Dave's list below (including figs and tropicals). It is pretty small at the moment but it more open in the sense that it lists actual people that have been a part of the community and have done other wrong.

  • Yousef Zeidan
  • Claude Roffian
  • Ross Raddi

The list I'm sure will grow. For now, this is where it's at. The point is, you need to ask questions. If it smells fishy, then it's bad and you need to be aware of scammers. Also, only because a person has a website does not mean it is a safe place to buy or that what you buy is true to type.

Some websites violate their own policies and you should be aware of that as well. So who knows, maybe soon I will create a list of websites who claim are a trustworthy place to buy/sell when in fact, they are just as deep in their ego as those who scam the honest collectors.