Seattle, WA October 2022 Harvest

Seattle, WA October 2022 Harvest

It's mid-October in Seattle, Washington. We had several weeks of cloudy light rain. Usually by September we are in pouring rain. This year is different, we had a late Spring and now dry Winter. I enjoy the free rain we get during Fall. I'm a little tired of hand watering in October, but the ripe figs are totally worth it! This year is very exciting because I get to try many new varieties. Last year, the heatwave made most of my figs dropped. They were all potted and drop figlets to survive! I had some completely died on me and didn't recover from heat stress. I ate these figs all on the same day. I just didn't compare them side by side. I was going from tree to tree and eating them on the spot. I will be ranking them based on this weeks harvest. The age of the tree may contribute to the difference in the fruit size, sweetness, and productivity.  They are all located in relatively same area, all in full sun and potted. They all have the same watering schedule. Usually by now we have some figs that split due to the heavy rains. None of these split, so it is a good thing. However, it would be nice to know the split  resistance between these varieties. It may not be important to dry climates. Humid or wet climates like in Washington it is good to know, particularly late ripening during heavy rain fall they will most likely split under these wet conditions. Saint Rita, Chicago Hardy, Salem Dark was best flavored in this harvest.

1. Saint Rita 8/10

2. Chicago Hardy 8/10

3. White Madeira 7/10

4.Norella 6/10

5. Salem Dark 8/10

6.White Marseilles 7/10

7.Sal's Corlone 7/10