Welcome to Fig Database,  Our inspiration for creating the fig variety database came from trying to search and learn about the different varieties of figs and not being able to find what we were looking for on one site. During our searches, we drew and wrote what we could not find when searching for fig varieties along with what people wanted on a database. After compiling all of our ideas and sketches for the fig variety database, we hired a longtime friend and programmer, Deepen, to help us create the fig variety database we envisioned. With that said, we give you all a responsive, user friendly, searchable database for fig varieties that would be a great resource for newbies, knowledgeable fig collectors and growers alike.

Fig Database Crew Members

Jennifer Amador is Owner at Fig Database

Jennifer Amador


Rigo is Founder Of Fig Database at Fig Database


Founder Of Fig Database

Welcome to Fig Database. Enjoy your stay and enter at your own risk....

Christian Pedersen is Editing Manager at Fig Database

Christian Pedersen

Editing Manager

Figs are an amazing fruit and growing figs from cuttings is my favorite part of the hobby - maybe second favorite to eating ripe figs. Gardening has been an interest of mine since high school and about 10 years ago I started growing fruit trees. I discovered figs about 5 years ago and haven't looked back. I have a number of in ground figs and many more in pots. I also have a blog and sell fig cuttings and plants at Tinker Bug Figs.

Doug Scofield is Editing Manager at Fig Database

Doug Scofield

Editing Manager

Doug Sco' here.
I am blessed to be living in fig heaven... Thermalito, California. Surrounded by hundreds of wild fig trees growing throughout the community. These are the offspring of an Adriatic fig orchard that was cultivated here back in 1916. I've been sitting atop of a tractor in our citrus and stone fruit orchards here in Northern Calif since the 1950's... from the time that I was tall enough to reach the clutch pedal. I guess I came by the addiction to horticulture honestly, as my family has been sod-busting since my 7th Great-grandfather stepped off of the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock.
I've only been growing figs since 2012, and probably have about 450 or so figs in cultivation here now. But I will be forever indebted to these silly little trees... as they brought about the introduction of some incredibly wonderful enthusiasts in our close-knit ficus community!

Dr. Eric Durtschi is Editing Manager at Fig Database

Dr. Eric Durtschi

Editing Manager

I love gardening, especially edibles. I grew up on a farm in middle Tennessee and I started propagating berry plants at the age of 8 and have scoured the globe for unique fruiting plants but mostly focusing on brambles. I have grown over 100 varieties of brambles, 50 varieties of blueberries, 75 varieties of corn, 100 varieties of melon and hundreds of fruit trees just to name a few. Gardening is a way of life for me and my family.
By profession, I am a chiropractor, acupuncturist and nutritionist and I have practiced since 2005. In 2007, I became fascinated with cacao and its health benefits so I created a unique product and started a company around brewed cacao. That led me to eventually move to Santa Barbara, CA in June of 2018 where I immediately bought my first fig plants. I made some amazing friends in the local community that helped me get a jump on my fig collection.
My goal is to trial as many varieties as possible and see how they perform for me and to decide which are my absolute must haves. I try to get every fig that comes highly recommended and that has led me to acquire over 250 varieties already in just 6 short months!

Ed Hachfeld is Editing Manager at Fig Database

Ed Hachfeld

Editing Manager

Hi everyone! I have been gardening organically in the Santa Barbara area for over 25 years, and I love being outside watching my plants grow. In the past I thought figs were just so so - until I started bagging them this year and eating properly ripened figs. When you have your first truly ripe fig it will change your life! Now I want to try them all and share them all. I especially enjoy finding new seedling figs in the wild. They are all so unique and full of life. I feel fortunate to live in wasp country and to have space to grow my ever-expanding collection of around 150 varieties (currently). In 2005 another of my passions ignited when I learned to graft at a CRFG scion exchange. I think everyone should try it because it is not as hard as you think and it opens up many more growing possibilities. Thanks for reading this, and I wish you a fruitful year ahead

Edgar Boone is Editing Manager at Fig Database

Edgar Boone

Editing Manager

Hi everyone, I'm Ed, from Southwestern Pennsylvania. I love and enjoy growing figs with a passion. I have been growing figs since 2014 and currently growing about 20 fig plants in ground and 70 or so in SIPs. I am also a life long gardener and fruit grower. Experimenting with different ways to grow in ground and containers to see what works best for me here.