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About the Company

K Kelly Confections was born out of love for exceptional food experiences and a desire to make my Mom smile.  Her favorite candy was caramel and in her last years she could eat very little food. The one thing that lit up her face was handmade caramel.

That set me on a quest to create the perfect caramel delicacy.

“Desire to bring joy into my Mom’s last years sparked a business that apparently wouldn’t be denied. Friends and family, and friends of friends, began clamoring to experience the melt-in-your-mouth caramel with the surprising bite of Sea Salt.

Word quickly spread.

We now make caramels, sauces, dessert boards, design and execute caramel dessert tables for parties, host caramel tastings, and even create custom wedding, mitzvah and shower favors to make your event sweeter.

Now you too can Taste Your Bliss. We can’t wait for you to experience Caramel the way it was meant to be!

Come join us on The Sweet Side of Life!”

— Dawn Kimberly Kelly


Here’s an overview of the services we provide.
K Kelly Confections, Our Specialty on Fig Database®
Our Specialty

We specialize in small batch Fleur De Sel Caramels (Sea Salt Caramels) for that special gift or in bulk just to enjoy. Just picture your next client getting this surprise in the mail with your card inside! We can do that!! Or as hostess gifts for your next party...sold by the pound and priced according to packaging. Visit to order or call us to discuss private labelling and personalized gift packaging!

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