Cuttings! and Bare Root Trees!

Cuttings, with their roots in the gardens of antiquity, were treasured for their ability to replicate prized plants. Bare root trees, with a history rooted in medieval Europe, became the vessels of botanical exchange during times of exploration. As trade routes flourished, so did the popularity of these transportable, dormant trees.

Cuttings! and Bare Root Trees!

Cuttings! and Bare Root Trees! Great prices, small quantities, fast shipping.
I have some cuttings and bare roots for sale. These are my top performing fig trees (6-8 years old)
I will cut and bare root trees to order.

Please private message me if you are interested as I sometimes don’t see comments on here.
Only have 4-10 cuttings from each tree and one bare root from each tree.
Corky’s Honey Delight - fantastic honey fig produces May/June
Improved Celeste (the real one)
Figo Preto
LSU Scott’s Black
White Madeira
Strawberry Verte
Cuttings $15 each
Shipping for cuttings $10
bare roots $70 plus shipping
shipping for bare roots $30

To learn more about my trees please check my videos

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