The Belleclare Nursery Fig Collection

The Belleclare Nursery Fig Collection

The fig collection of the now defunct nursery.

The now closed Belleclare Nursery in Plainfield, NY was made somewhat famous in the fig world when Martha Stewart paid them a visit. The owners, Chris and Bill DiPaolo, talk about the secrets of success in growing over 85 varieties of fig trees:

After reviewing the list below, you may want to also review Ray Givan’s article that adds some clarifications, and why there are different names in the fig community for some of the Belleclare fig varieties. Ethnic Figs In America by Ray Givan

When Belleclare went out of business in November of 2006, the nursery published a final list of its going out of business sale. This list circulated around the fig community and the numbers assigned to the various fig varieties came to be synonyms for those variety names.

Gorgi and Leon went through the trouble of posting a clean list:

I (gorgi) got this list in Nov 2006 as part of a fig instruction suppliment with the figs I bought. Note that the fig numbering is different from any list (available?) from any old BC web-sites.

BELLECLARE NURSERY (Dipaola) Plainveiw, NY.
(copy of 2006 fig-list just before closing shop)

You can view and download the entire fig variety list here.