The Atreano Family of Figs

Explore the balanced and diverse Atreano family of figs, identifiable by their light green to yellow skin and honey-like qualities. Discover varieties like Atreano, Brooklyn White, and Yellow Long Neck, known for their fruity and lightly berry-flavored profiles.

The Atreano Family of Figs

The Atreano fig family may be the most balanced of all the fig families.

Named after the Atreano variety, they can be identified by the light green to yellow skin when fully ripe and include the honey-like qualities of the Kadota fig family, fruitiness of a number of the other families, and a light amount of berry flavor similar to the Adriatic fig family, but not nearly as intense. As trees mature, figs can be on the larger side. Most are known breba producers.

Some Atreano Fig Family Varieties

As with other fig families, some of the varieties may just be synonyms. Others may be distinct.